Sunday, January 18, 2015

What are turning March hospitals for patient identification wristbands

No patient in a hospital and emergency services security measures or improved in March dramatically in the last ten years, the number of hospital treatment or medication errors in more ways during the patient's stay in the building. Security-patient ratio is one simple way to hospital wrist bands can be significantly improved by the introduction of the use.

A quick and easy way to identify patients

The hospital after hospital patient safety promotion includes one of the main aspects of each patient to ensure the registration form. This is still some hospital environments included in the manuscript hospital wrist bands, though, more centers instead of the standard bar to take the belt system. Doctors, nurses and other karegivers only to look at the patient's wristbands and the right of patients after treatment, and the patient's name, the name given to full-time to provide the right combination of drugs may be sleeping on the table.

The cost for patient safety and practical solutions

Most hospital wrist bands each will be less than the cost of production and the use of a few dollars. This will help to ensure the safety of the patient, if the hospital is a small price to pay, but if they do not care. Capacity is now found in many hospitals for their sick Unlimited pressure. This further reduces the cost and security devices, the equation is quite easy to understand the meaning of the line because of missing or illegible hand written or drug treatment, such as a doctor or nurse, made critical errors.

A system standard Unlimited

In the last few years, many hospitals, but only to help you identify different classes of patients using a color coding system a step further barcode belt system. For example, the red line on patient wristbands that time could be a sign of a severe food allergy, yellow bar, the patient should be a ski guide and delicate green bar can show the patient's medical latex allergy, he said. If such a system is a great idea, not all hospitals use the same colors as before to determine the risk. However, he does have a point, a very real possibility in the future.

Any patient safety program, as there was no system is 100% perfect, conducted at a hospital. However, you will be able to achieve the same level of patients, the mean is I want to go to hospital care and attention, using the standard way of a general hospital ID bracelet transferred to the middle of the country. This and more will help improve patient safety.

Enduro project a strong and favorable produced using a standard laser printer hospital bracelet is easy to transport. But we have to stop here for patient safety will continue to develop new and innovative products. Enduro project to improve feedback |, and we always listen.