Thursday, January 22, 2015

How to check on your children.

Skolyosis spine is bent and turned in nature, often in the form below. Often the deformities occur in different directions at various locations such as the condition is not easily visible without careful consideration. Injury, paralysis, arthritis or other conditions that can cause skolyosis backbone for the most common cause skolyosis grow asimmetrikalli. But the case is not growing asymmetry known.

Skolyosis Case usually begins in childhood or early teens and always, and when children grow. Condition becomes more serious slow, so it must be found in time for the healing to begin at the time. Most children have been screened for skolyosis during a physical examination for children or school. The monitoring program is often inconsistent or test skolyosis do very much.

But it's easy for parents to monitor their children for skolyosis up, and parents should give such control in children at least 4 times a year or too mature for this method to find skolyosis.

Children in the back of the neck bare buttocks
. Standing or sitting in a chair on the back. The back should be well lit The first uses a broader view of the back of your child from top head to toe. See how your body is both proportionate without warping or twisting.

Then let the child turned his face to you, then that's going on, so you can see your chest and stomach and then to the other side, and finally back to your back against aging. Track takes a broad view of the child is still on the front and side of him while back. See all the time to see if there is anything that is not symmetrical or skewed.

On your return, you look at their shoulder to see if they are on the same level. You can put your hand flat on his shoulders to see better. Also look at the com Ilia. (Ridge on each side at the top of the pelvis) to see if they are still on the same level. Also here you can put your hands on a ridge to look better. Usually, a disproportionate level of the shoulder or the top of the pelvis is caused by skolyosis or configuration errors back other.

Then look up the backbone of the neck at the base to see if some curves to the side. There are also middle finger blast in the spine from the neck all the way to the end. Make sure you feel a ridge in the middle of the spine when you caress. If any part of the spine can see the curvature or other disorders that can be detected more easily by maintaining a focus on the path on your finger.

Then let them bend forward with your legs straight and touch your toes. Look on the back of his job back. See if bumps or raised areas on each side. If the column is bent to one side of the curve of the spine is pressed on the other side.

Have something to do during the inspection and record all observations suggest skolyosis or other interventions will keep your diary so you can compare with the previous situation. This way you can keep track of the changes that occur gradually. It seems that the best is now on the paper and then enrolled in a digital file.

If you have any symptoms that may indicate skolyosis should soon see a doctor. If symptoms are small, so doctors often choose to follow the evolution over time in the first place. But they should also continue to develop your parents are being explored and annotated guide here regularly.

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