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Proper brushing your

Brushing is essential for good oral health. Brush twice a day, your smile white and improve overall health. Planning is effective against tooth decay and gum disease, you have the right to do so. It is easy to follow a few rules effective to brush your teeth.

How to Brush:

Why should you brush?

We have at least two times a day, recommends brushing your teeth, but three times. More than three times the tooth enamel, brushing the gums can cause luminescence. In fact, many people brush for about 30 seconds or a minute. All of the areas in the mouth, but it will continue treatment for at least two minutes. Each of the four areas Share your mouth and brushing spend 30 seconds.

Choosing the right toothbrush

According to the size of the size of his toothbrush in your mouth. Oral and should enable you to reach all areas. Your hair teeth are also important. It is better to use a soft brush, but it is strong enough to remove dental plaque and debris.

This can easily lead to gingivitis, or tooth enamel, brush hard to stop.

Hair was worn out, sooner or later, if you replace a tooth brush every six months, or.

Proper brushing techniques

Milk at a 45 degree angle with a toothbrush.

Short to move the brush back and forth. A little bit of pressure, kindly make sure to brush your teeth. Outer surface of the inner surfaces, and the chewing surfaces: the whole outer surface for brushing is important to have enough time. Note the inner surfaces of the front teeth. The language is very clear. Language for the memorial and other waste disposal is as important as brushing their teeth brushed.

The amount of toothpaste

Another important issue is the use of toothpaste.

You will have a little toothpaste. Can increase the risk of ingesting too much fluoride toothpaste can be very damaging.

raw silk

The use of dental floss regularly for good oral health is very important. If you can not, especially since in all areas of the mouth and teeth gaps between the teeth and brush thoroughly clean, raw silk, is necessary to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Using a toothbrush, tooth Dental raw silk will help to remove plaque and food debris can not get to the gum line.

healthy food

Oral health along with your food. Eating unhealthy foods cavity and dental health problems caused by the bacteria leads to higher levels. Fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and protein foods: a decision what to eat, etc., cakes, candy, chips, such a choice of five major food groups for food, such as food, avoid.

In general, a good brushing and oral health and the importance of the right to use, but for oral exams and professional cleaning, do not forget to visit the dentist.

Oral health, free and friendly advice to improve overall health. Our food and health care tips to keep teeth white mouth healthy and facts: