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Sarcopenia?millions of people do not know

Sarcopenia balance of weakness, weakness, loss, one of the first things down, and age-related quality of life. However, many people have never heard of. Strangely, though, almost familiar with each person, and the possibility of osteoporosis, but it is a significant risk of sarcopenia, many people fear. If you are one of the most serious health risk, an exaggeration to say that the people were, in fact, it is not. Young associated with osteoporosis and bone loss; His age, but with the loss of muscle and strength as Sarcopenia. And this loss is not only adults. Muscles, and you probably know, is necessary for their well-being and health, but also in inflammation, cancer, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, according to the stress plays an important role in the disease, and the other savu┼čturmu┼čtu.


About 40 people, and I hate to think about it, but the poor health of switches and autumn begins a long and almost everyone. The first, barely enough to slow down significantly, and, of course, is a changed person. The worst, but the inactive state, and in rare cases, people have used. For this reason, they begin to lose muscle mass. Slow and old. For most people, 30 3-5 percent died at the age of ten, so as to achieve the 70 lost about 20 percent of the time, think about this. And a lot of muscle. At least until things worse, the same, or in many cases, the density, the most muscle instead of disposing of oil. (Power) and his new this new body weight. In addition, this 70 after notice can increase muscle mass loss is not dramatic, but it is; Mr. easily seen.
Lack of balance falls and fractures, (walk), walk slowly and can be a loss of power. However, surprisingly, the most appropriate, can be avoided.
In fact, what is happening now, let's look more closely.

The main reason for Sarcopenia

What is the first thing sarcopenia? I have listed in this section and special sections in every detail.

The recession is one of the main reasons, but it is not. However, the effect of other factors. In general, people are poor and they are less active. One reason for this is, of course, they lose muscle and strength, and exercise is not hard to find.

motor muscles naturally decreases with age. They will be responsible for muscle movement.

to reduce hormone levels. The number of hormones in our body, we all know that. These muscles play an important role in dealing with them, and I, of course, is not possible. We are a generation, however, is reduced.

Reduce the rate of protein synthesis. In particular, the muscle protein plays an important role in the body with respect. We are young, but production is gradually reduced.

Motor nerves, decreased more

Different muscles a result of brain and muscle function, as demonstrated by the program will send electrical signals. The brain, the body, we traveled around the spine. They stretched pinch hit.

A link to the drive motor and motor nerve cells and muscle fibers. Muscle fibers and motor nerves are connected to mold can cause death.

In fact, the car we drive, there are two types of muscle fibers. They are fast twitch (FT) and slow twitch (ST). Quick, fast-twitch fibers contract and lift heavy objects, or just will not be used. Slow easily shrink the fibers contract more slowly, but the tires FT. FT ST fibers, usually with age progression, a vehicle death fast twitch muscle fibers, a lot of the ball and will be slowly released. We are young, we have to do it slowly (and can not be entered or lifting heavy objects).

The levels of the hormone

They affect our hormones and our reliance on aging muscles, but also affects the muscles. A hormone talking about? The first: the growth hormone (GH), product (T) and factor (IGF-1). During this time, is associated with the loss of muscle mass plays an important role. GH, T and all the maintenance required for IGF-1 protein; IGF-1 is the rate of muscle protein synthesis plays an important role. In addition, GH T. fat, muscle building and faster recovery time to break down, and it is a "professional artificial hormones", and, of course, will help to improve the athletes will rejuvenate your body looks, and use them there. Use in the elderly, and young people seem to cause major problems, but this is not a very effective way.

Decreased protein synthesis

Effect of the two proteins in the process of degradation and synthesis. The age of the cells of the body, they always change. In fact, the body no longer strange to only eight or ten years ago, they have all kinds of cells, some cells (brain and heart). This, as well as muscle cells and proteins. Protein, the old cells die and are removed from the body, and make new friends. These new cells will be needed protein, and of course, fireworks, consisting mainly of protein. A large, and therefore the rate of protein synthesis rate gradually decreases muscle building and repair, but gradually reduced.

Other things can affect muscle mass

There are also a lot of things that affect the muscle mass of inactivity, and some of them are listed below.

increase the pressure associated with increased inflammation and cortisol hormones.

Poor nutrition . This age it is important to maintain your weight. Usually, we see the fat before, but it is weight loss, poor weight gain can be a problem. Important to the right; Protein, Omega-3, is especially important.

Disease . In most cases, you can not do anything about it, but it is, of course, affect our muscle mass.

resistance TRAINING

Winners, and for the prevention of sarcopenia, of course, the best thing you can do? According to this action, physical exercise is very important to natural causes. Exercises, but strength training or weight lifting is the best kind of normal. But in this case, it is normal muscles must work load. It does not matter, fast twitch muscles to improve. In particular, the limit should be more than 80 percent. In addition, this progressive occur with normal, high and low density (low-density) should be included.

Overcome such resistance training Sarcopenia proven to be very effective. He is a full year, but the damage is very useful for all of the investment.

The creation of new muscle cells, but not to increase their muscle mass is very common. In fact, the effect can be quite dramatic. They will be the difference in a few weeks. These programs before, but you should consult with your doctor.

Body weight, and the weight of a better future (relatively cheap) program. First it is necessary to warm up; It usually takes about five minutes. To determine the optimal weight for beginners, One Rep Max (1RM) and, if necessary, should be called. If you can remove the smooth punaravrtama exercise maximum weight. If possible, a system with current bicep curl, and if, for example, if you remove the 1RM 35 pounds to 35 pounds. 80% can do 8-10 repetitions (£ 28). This loss of a few weeks later, however, increased. "Progressive" party. If you are exercises for all major muscle groups (chest, etc., biceps). Body weight Situps and useful step-ups. 10 repetitions of each series 2-3. And be sure to join.

Barry Parker, pH. D., Professor Emeritus, University of Idaho (physics, biophysics). He science, health care, writing and music, the author of 25 books. He said health and fitness, movement, and have an interest in music. His most recent book, "Not to live in the present day yesterday, hope for tomorrow." He and I feel great writer, I feel alive dady.