Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dyafrahmennoe breath control asthma

What is a diaphragm? You have heard often associated with breathing and singing! You membrane, or you just want to, you can do one or the other. Shortness of breath may have been pregnant before, so that the speed bumps stomach diaphragm. Hopefully, their main body, placed in every place, but, of course, we can assume that it?

At the bottom of the lungs, muscle membrane sheet. This holiday contracts and, therefore, no dome and abdomen, breast distribution creates. This is not surprising, because the drop is reduced, while the dome, extending the open air sacs light and air bases in the bottom of the lung, stomach, blood flow spłaszczony.Membrana, breathing is important to you. It needs oxygen lung vascular tissue death spread through the air and oxygen to breathe. Dyafrahmennoe breath, to ensure a good supply of blood to the air supply means a good game.

Filled with fluid in the abdominal cavity, the same pressure as the diaphragm descends. The hole should be noted that in this room, as the stomach fluid can not be compressed. If you move, breathe the stomach wall, so that when the stomach or abdominal breathing This is known as diaphragmatic breathing.

On the other side of the membrane, which makes it easy to move the dome to return to the starting position. I would like to leave feeling calm breathing easier. The diaphragm is the best way to breathe. During exhalation inspiration and profit increases during the holidays, it will be to see. If there is, on the contrary, that paradoxical breathing.

, Neck and ribs when breathing muscles Ironically, you try to breathe. Dyafrahmennoe breath, paradoxically, trying to feel tired breath and chest wounds.

If you are a paradoxical respiratory diaphragm may need professional help. Control of the disease in people with asthma, in particular, it is important that it may be a long way to learn to breathe correctly. Often more comfortable and natural Physiotherapists include breathing exercises to help patients suffering from abdominal breathing attack.

If you suffer from asthma, breathing body aperture is designed, so it is good to start this exercise is good for their health.

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