Thursday, January 22, 2015

Prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

People in late 2014 or early 2015, has been in contact with the measles virus visiting Disneyland in California. A patient who has not been identified, with more than 40 people in several states have contracted the disease from the same manufacturer. More likely to have symptoms that can not be moved before they appear.

* Approximately 90% of children with only one die from the disease of children under 18 in more than 9,000 * in 2014 caught whooping cough in California.

These facts should scare us all. I have all that I need to do children's vaccination schedule. I have a photo of me as an adult is to improve. Their children and their children alike, why? These diseases are more than a minor annoyance matan.

1/3 of all measles complications, some people are a little more in the front, one of ten children die from measles and we are not free from danger.

Why we do not have this problem? Some parents do not vaccinate their children in religious grounds for a number of reasons. (So far) can not afford because some parents do not vaccinate their children. Some baby and do not like the idea of putting something in the legend.

A direct link between vaccines and autism Medicine has published a report saying that. For many years he was forced to withdraw these results. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that it is a myth, and still believe there is a relationship.

As a father and grandfather, I want to make a strong recommendation. To your questions about your child, the vaccine if your child gets sick, could be looked at. What is your child vaccinated because so many people on the occasion of increase.

If your child turns blue and vomiting coughing spasm want to see that? Young children do not have the power to deal with the problem, because you want to see the child die? The pas ... and it is a virus, bacteria, and unless vaccinated children can return.

If your child from measles to be blind or deaf? Problem male infertility and mumps? Perhaps polio paralysis?

The vaccine is to save his son from above. Your parents want their children vaccinated can not. Your safety ... and yourself, you can vaccines.