Tuesday, January 20, 2015

In patients with MS and their families, trying to cope with the amount of money one

Sclerosis number - on both sides, and live with it. One of the two different devices. Special shoes for walking in the same manner as in the MSER not be able to understand MS MSER (family, friends ...), it is very hard. The most frustrating dilemma.

And the help and support for people with MS; If you want to help and support of family and friends. How to build a bridge that can unite the two cities on the river?

And education.

Why: early diagnosis, saw many people on the PC to find out what it is? Features? Treatment? The diagnosis? The normal and a good start, and the need for everyone involved in this. Sometimes the neighbor or loved one to do it, do not want to do it Then mix it, including MS-peer does not, it's up to the man to see MS. MSER without the support of many people living death.

In the first education begins with understanding the difference between the two sides MS. MSER and tired tissues and other signs you see, not only is clear that MSER. This is where you start speaking. MSER be limited to ten pounds. The weight on the knee male, and to tell him that he feels good to go on foot. Are you a towel and put it in the hands of very thin, and you should try to find things in the bag of money or tissues.

But not MSER to face two problems. First, you can help numb hands or feet? Second, many of the factors that easy to forget that came before these signs. And MSER or "very good."

This is the time of the knowledge about the contact. And MSER "from the perspective of the other side, MSER, can not mean to say," If the opportunity to you, I do not want to .... sit down, rest my feet feel very stiff and hard as "tired and try to find something good to come out of the talks. if you want to help?" Or: "if you read you have the book you gave me, and there is an idea ... if you want to try? "

My husband always help me, but I had to tell it what you want or need, and to overcome feelings / ask, "What do you call all the time?" It is easy to become bored with the work, I aie it led me to see you in the morning. "How do you want to tell me what to do to help out if you slide down and fall to change my chariot, and called to him for help, for example, it is sad. "I stayed calm and told him to calm down, and try to tell you what to do.

We should be able to MSers branch (and) open his mouth in the right way. In addition, around us and receive instructions from us. Are comfortable they make us feel. We set the language. We are very tired and our most of our money, often angry, because they do not feel well. They develop a thick skin, and they often do not take it personally remember the war. A very difficult task to say the least.

Pau RV one year of the entry and exit of the observation wheel in the trip to Yellowstone after a long day. When we came to the famous waterfalls, and my husband and I went to see them I did not get a second chance to be saved request. I am too tired to move, and I wanted to see the movie, and I do not care if it's in the air. Finally broke and the terrible things that give a cross chatter. I feel guilty later. I felt guilty because I am bad, and it's hard to me to go forward; He felt bad about not seeing the waterfall. Because they will end up in it.

They are in the same shoes and a good understanding of MS in communication with the man about the best MS. Can be found online partners in the MS Society or. You can even people in their shoes, to discuss and share experiences with their friends, go with friends to watch as the value. MSER, and not the good life without the support MSER with MS.

MSers us (for example, mother or husband) to read something a few people, and do not want to talk about it because sometimes difficult to know what the all around us. MS will not matter what we may not feel comfortable with us either. Why is this?

They "" At this time bogged down MS on their son / daughter is responsible for the concept, for example, denial, anger, bargaining ... and the mother sometimes can see sin. In those cases, in their own way to deal with these feelings, to be able to talk about your situation with them. I have MS or related to me, back in the year. I was hurt. Help overcome the pain and do not want to accept the situation, but professional advice to help focus me on MSers.

Finally, we need the information to the other, and a good teacher. Many many sclerosis, MS aware of the procedure does not know them either. Can we set up the language and level of comfort.

For example, recently I went shopping with my bike to try a few things in the room. I found the author, and ask him to help me. I have MS, and could not stand it, he said. When we were in the room, the exhibition explains step by step what to do, and the way to ensure that they did not happen to me, and do it all. Eventually he started to ask me some questions about MS, and gave me answers to their basic needs. And when we do, we are very good friends with them, and added that the next time I went to the store, and I watch it.

I always start with something hard place. Training and interact with people about MS is difficult in the beginning, but over time, it becomes easier.

Knowledge and supports. Survival any MS conditions, or just two floors and those who love the man. Fully close the gap between the two sides, and the very low there.