Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reverse gray hair? Yes, you can! (Part 1)

I'm not going to lie - I love the idea of eternal youth and beauty. Ourselves, as you can see signs of age, a time many of us, from the thirties (or achieve), but there is. And, of course, we have found. A gray hair - small wrinkles account side of the face, or more! Thus, without focusing on the little bastard, you may want to look in the mirror. And quiet, but I have heard terrible: 'Do you have old! "Research, what has been achieved so far, what we started. There is constant communication with the parents," married to? "Or," Where is my son? "

The Hague, gray hair is not right! This is my joy, and my life without the need to think about life goals, it was not! Just Kidding; I am very proud and look good!

Not turned gray hair grandmother's brother bugged me for years! I think it's impossible! I'm still up and the hair begins to fade? Therefore, my research on the problem and reverse gray hair natural color, or at least as long as you can handle it. It's good? And, if so, how? It was difficult at first sight there are ways to passengers. These people, of course, are the winners!

Has turned my life and the natural color of your hair:

- Protein - "necessary" and this is especially true for the Greek word for hair. Hair (and nails), is the main reason for the lack of protein in the diet, become brittle. Clearly, the protein associated with hair keratin. The first is a "body" to see why there is any problem with our food intake. The main source of protein, lean white meat and eggs. But there are a lot of good resources to shame mustard and honey. Legumes, Spirulina, and honey powder, salt, sprouts, seeds, nuts, green is inevitable - here are a few tips. Bee pollen is very useful to a man worthy of an article, but then you have to give it.

- Mineral - hair and nails, silicon, sulfur, copper and zinc are the most important minerals. We (I am not a big fan of the drug, but it is not the best way to provide food) food should be making a difference. You sulfur Brussels, beans, eggs, cabbage, fish, garlic, onion and celery and wheat germ breastfeeding can be obtained; These minerals, oysters, potatoes, beans, lean meat, etc., mushrooms, sesame and pumpkin, beef liver, shrimp, and other food plants special attention to the fee. Apple and others, rice, tomatoes, cucumbers, almonds, raisins, flax seeds, and plants containing minerals pepper forget. If you believe you are already overwhelmed? There are waiting for more information!

- Inflammation of the skin, such as inflammation and, dandruff, hair loss, premature aging (especially in the hair follicles) and can cause a lot of problems. Our anti-inflammatory agents, because the body is very useful. Here are a few good signs (of course) butter, cod liver oil, milk, beets, greens, ginger, olive oil, cold pressed (or fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel tons of fish), whole grains and nuts (again!).

- Damage to the body - the accumulation of toxins in the body is one of the most important causes of many diseases and disorders. Weight loss, body, beautiful skin, more energy, a stronger immune system, better mood and more - detoxification there are many advantages. Therefore, such a story, for example, more vibrant colors and natural such as toxins, can help to improve the capacity of the body. There are detoxification, many and only the best choice for you. It is ultimately lost to three days, you can do one a month; (Late 18 hours), a day of fruits and raw vegetables normal detoxification or detox tea, etc. weeks of life, a day for at least an early dinner and afternoon tea, try the rest of the day. Or the opposite - the body's natural self-cleaning and fruit / vegetables or fresh fruit juices to drink early in the morning when the detox tea. Filters, osmosis, distillation, reverse or pure spring water - well, as much as possible, I would recommend this to clean drinking water. Thus, cream, lotion, gel, and Do absorb toxins through the skin. For the use of bio cosmetics or skin just to make sure. You can see a lot of drug Hall GAIA opinion. Another useful thing to help repair hair damaged hair for a water filter tap water is chlorine and other toxic substances.