Sunday, January 18, 2015

In order to understand the structure and problems of the spine

Eder part of the body that is essential for the spine, runs smoothly, is part of a complex and fascinating. We know how to identify and control the problem, it is necessary to understand the basic operation of the spine. Simple, it is important to our spine care and treatment for the elderly, such as spinal problems.

The structure of the Spine

Flexible working hours, but very, very brittle can be a lot of nonsense looks and body control. The center consists of the brain and the body, the movement to spread the nerve bundles. Pulses are transferred to different parts of the nerves throughout the body. The back of the brain and spinal cord, Gelatinous disc and protects small Bonnie frame.

Gelatinous disc pads as for the rest of the spine, spinal cord. They walk, run and our bodies, so that any attempt to involve. Although it is a very flexible backbone, we lost a little bit of flexibility. This is not enough and at the back of the right leg of our necks Board, it can cause a lot of pain in different parts of the body, which means that.

Complete spinal problems

In the field of spinal cord pinched nerve is very common. Depending on the type of injury usually occurs or aging. Spinal nerves, or any serious injuries and chronic pain can be a number of reasons. In some cases, this can be painful, but it is a sensation of tingling or numbness in some areas. The neural network system, because the worst part of the experience, pain or numbness is a completely different part of the body. You can be very difficult to diagnose the problem. To get rid of the pain, pinched or replace the damaged nerve to reduce the pressure.

Treatment options for Spine

Weak or bad the available options for the treatment of the spine. In some cases, you can search for back surgery. However, treatment options Massage, Chiropractic care and pain treatment. These methods will help to alleviate any pressure to create her spine to Realign the spine in several places.