Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A bad tooth fillings with tooth

In addition, the dental restoration or dental filling teeth, missing teeth, tooth, tooth structure, or missing parts is known as the inverse method. Thus, the eggs, the integrity of the work and morphology of healthy tooth structure. This process uses a variety of dental restorative materials. Dental implants, this approach to support the restoration of the missing tooth structure.

The need for dental restoration
Dental caries is one of the main reasons for the damages caused to the structure of the tooth caries. Or teeth, tooth fracture, all of this may be due to an accident or external injury. Back again to restore the deteriorated pay special attention to the need to create a recovery. Dentists cosmetic improvement of intentional damage may be to prepare the tooth for tooth structure.

Directly or indirectly, to restore the tooth,

Directly to the device to restore the tooth to maintain a soft material. However, lime and dental bonding difficult. It is the ability to adjust the tooth for a very limited time to go, because the destruction of the process. For a violation of this method to handle the constant pressure of getting experts. This policy will be enough to visit a dentist. In contrast, for the production of modern dental indirectly, to use the technical preparation for the restoration of the tooth tooth tooth prints outside. Crowns, bridges, secrets onley dry and normal indirectly. This is then fixed with dental cement. In this process, the teeth at least two times.

There are different types of modern dental

Such that recovery is the most common type of material, such as filling material, a tooth and tooth-colored plastic in a number of ways, silver amalgam, gold or glass. The crown of the tooth's shape, size, appearance and power. Dental implants or bridges, to compensate for a dental crown. A so-called Bridge the gap with the creation of one or more missing teeth, dental, and will help to fill the gap. Is required to change the root form dental care and dental implants. This name is then placed in a small metal bones and teeth. In the tissue around the acrylic resin teeth and dentures in place. It is a removal and metal parts. All dental care recommendations, and a few remaining natural teeth, partial dentures. Metal clip natural teeth.

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