Sunday, January 18, 2015

Drink more water and excessive weight loss

Who is the weight reduction is not made a significant contribution to the idea of drinking water? Do more! But the real confirmation of what? The answer is yes! If you drink more water metabolism, increases appetite and reduced waste wild, you are your own. At the same time, the water reservoir, and now with some extra pounds to stop. Water and weight loss, and a sufficient amount of water (8-10 glasses a day), you can be sure that I have? Here are some great tips to help you!

Drink before dinner

Water suppresses the appetite, such a great idea to drink before dinner. As a result, the feeling of fullness faster and eat less. Before eating 75 calories / food, drinking water, experts say that the reduction of food intake. A year for a day, every meal, if so, reduce the food intake of 27,000. According to my math, losing only 8 pounds of water / drinks.

Calorie Drinks instead of water to drink

Soda and juices, whole, instead of water to drink to forget. I think this is too boring for you, with a little lemon. Glass of water with a little lemon, we can reduce food cravings and weight loss, I know what to do. Do not believe it? Why not just start drinking and convince him?

cold drinks

By forcing the body to increase metabolism to drink cold water, heating water for more work. This is also your calories and help you lose weight. Cold water, but the normal temperature of the water taste better grades.

Go to the gym

If you drink water, prevents muscle cramps, and fat to keep your joints. This means that for a long time. Switch water and lose those extra pounds quickly.
To enough
"8x8" maintaining the best person for the application. The most diet advice. 8 ounces of water you should drink 8 glasses of water every day. This will help to maintain an ideal weight and body. If you have a few physical exercise, more sweat in mind. This is to drink more water, or water with the same number are required, but other types of drinks, as well as tea and then.

If you get in the water when the best way to know how? Good, but somehow strange to check the rules before going to the toilet in the bathroom. If you have good well urine is light yellow color and light. If the urine is dark, and we need to drink more water. Remember: you have to be healthy and to lose weight if you drink water!