Thursday, January 22, 2015

Decayed tooth with a filling.

Dental fillings, also known as dentistry is being lost or missing teeth or teeth dentist to restore the structure. Dentist tooth structure remain to complete the function and morphology. The process of dental restorative materials, structural support, use a variety of missing teeth, dental implants can restore through the process.

The need for dental restoration.

Need to restore. When the dentist prepares the tooth for tooth structure lost cosmetic improvements can be determined.

Restoring direct or indirect.

Direct teeth reconstruction technique is to maintain a soft filling. Yet it is difficult to contact the teeth. This process is not set up the tooth by tooth loss due to power problems. This is not enough for experts in chewing during a visit to the dentist is likely to advice in how to restore severely low. Conversely, ready to restore the tooth crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays are used for the production of indirect restorative dentistry including dental impression techniques generally indirect restoration. Then permanently fixed with dental cement. In this process is necessary at least two visits to the dentist.

There are different types of maintenance.

There are several ways to restore teeth and the most common type such as plastic, glass, made with materials such as gold or silver filling to restore the tooth. Shape, size, style and power will continue to be on the tooth so that the crown will be retained. Cover held in place dental implants or bridges, cover. One or more teeth missing is known as vacuum creates bridges, dentures will help bridge the gap. To treat the root of the tooth dental implants in change. A small metal, bone, teeth placed on the missing and the reason is limited. Dentures for missing teeth and surrounding tissues are made of acrylic resin replacement. They are removable and metal objects. I know when all teeth missing, while dentures, partial dentures are made when some natural teeth are left. rivets to set their natural teeth.

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