Sunday, January 18, 2015

Good health and healing power

"Our life through the eyes of a change of the kind of joy and inspiration to others." Thondup of --tulk

A patient, nurse, heritage

It was written in the middle of winter in Brussels February period is twice as bad. Belgium unknown, but its good climate, cold Hot poverty, and shortness of breath, weak, is added. After doctors diagnosed as "typical pneumonia," I have a dark hospital. All the nurses did not speak English nuns. In particular, the Belgian French My French numbers (and thermometers), otherwise. If he does not leave me here a very important series of pen and pad and 105-kupped girls shake their lives after conversion to 40.5 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit, I was surprised.

However, the fire and high temperature, in this strange place increased sensitivity and compassion, language and prior decisions. This is the absolute symbol of the healing power of good, and it was a pleasure and it would have been better with the angels Edith Cowell Hospital.

Today, basically, a nurse Edith Cowell actions of the Second World War, the British were random kindness is not forgotten. German-employed in Belgium, this does not make a difference, he helped to save the lives of hundreds of British and German soldiers, Belgium. But the Allied prisoners of spying and sentenced him to escape were killed by a German squad. London Trafalgar Square His last words of Martin, his image appears: 'patriotism should be no grudge against anyone or suffering is not enough. ".

When the technology behind the language and compassion

Hatred and bitterness nurse Edith Cowell antithesis. Understand and respond to their needs compassion, and that the low cost of the miracles, trying to contact you, "he quickly reduce blood pressure for the treatment of wounds, pain, shorter hospital stay," and wonder for the Stanford University research, listen to the patient being treated with decreased anxiety decreased. So, in my case, the language barrier does not matter. Everything unspoken language of compassion, healing.

When I opened my eyes at night, there was a comforting sound and light touch. No matter what you need, when you need to, and I was a Belgian girl Edith Cowell Hospital. The nurses in the healing process as a necessary part of a healthy understanding of life and well-being. Just calm me moving selfish concern, repeated many times in my life in Saigon male nurse, a car accident, a Moroccan hospital operating room in your home to your friends in East Africa after an emergency situation, to help save me. A close friend of the African gray parrot, he called Herman. Herman bad word, "Yes, hell, it was a curse," he repeated, I just closed. A healthy dose of humor, especially angel wings, heaven bonus.

Angels in America in March sensitive

How to reduce costs without reducing the quality of care in accordance with the health of the people of the United States or to draw attention to the ban. But the "real" treatment should be pursued as warm and fuzzy postscript.

Now to prevent Selkie fisheye angle ozsem sticks, digital narsisizmdir with the latest technical equipment, it is possible to combine both a conscious thing, though, may be associated with anything. Some surgeons in the operating room, the most recent order for ozsem bars. Some interesting and lively, Dr. Marr is not a basic health care for employees to feel, well, complicated and less tired children often work in a high stress, long hours, they work environment for doctors and nurses, to envy, however.

Mercy before the miracle happens

I am grateful for the compassion for the human potential of all my life, do not follow me. Half-angel and a global during my career so far, I'm still here all the time for that, probably, what, Edith Cowell is just for me. In memory of our lives to help us, we are grateful, I will expand our capacity to love is a miracle. American medical scientific miracle, though, we always emphasize a healthy life and well-being. They are not mutually exclusive.