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Stem Cell Treatment in Germany aging

Cell therapy offers a great success in Germany is based on the legendary anti-aging treatment with 60 years. Cells used in the treatment of a single approach procedure to reduce the age of 7-10 years. The impact of multi-celled organisms living tips to keep cell level. Cell - The ultimate goal of any medical treatment, all dear life should be to restore a functional unit. Design and function, functional healthy cells, tissues and body to do in order to survive. We are a young, new cells, cell lines, or a large number compared to the smooth functioning of the body. After the age of 35, the most common cancel this process began. Unfortunately, "to reduce the symptoms of" drugs or today, scientific and technical (microscopy, electron microscopy, biochemical data, electronic records) West Records subsidy can help. And to determine the size of the so-called target area, and thus, to ignore all of the above methods to determine its borders.

Basic principles of stem cell therapy:
Summary of organ and cell therapy, or intramuscular injection with a variety of animals, fetal tissue extracts for the treatment of the human body is used to. The main elements of a person you Xenograft (enzymes, polypeptides, deoxyribonucleic acid, ribonucleic acid, organic acids, and other basic materials) and were treated as the treatment of tissue and skin. Paracelsus, and many of the early 16th century, Paracelsus believed the doctor, "similar to Similibus" or units or sick organs or tissues of the same tissue type aging policy is the best way for such a procedure, such as "physician and philosopher and cell therapy, he said - leave the healthy cells of the body to use the basic theory of alienation. a modern organ and cell therapy, and even the unborn fetus or medical purposes, and healthy ifloslanish- open up a form for the treatment of severe birth control or cellular elements hills mount all the cells in the root. the body is already a reality, repair old and damaged cells regenerating tissue and stimulating the development of isolated wake up sleeper cells "and stem cell therapy. Length and vitamins, minerals and other conventional or natural treatments can provide stem cell therapy is not a thing. This is injured or sick tissue regeneration is a wonderful components necessary for healing. Is the essence of their own, and some of the features of the long-distance cell treatment and preventive medicine only to suppress the body's own healing power of the majority of raising the root causes and the consequences of a project short time.

History of Science and Cell Therapy:
Cell therapy dates back thousands of years. Written in 1600 BC, Eber papyrus human medicine, animal skin to hold the syringe is recommended. In the Middle Ages, Parcelsus attention should first focus on the enterprise standard of living; Cell "like cures like" elements. In the 19th century, the French Nobel Prize, Dr. Alexis Carrel potentially immortal nature of the birds in the path of a live chicken heart cells die after 25 years. This combines the successful cell culture that has been recognized by a number of cellular material. In the 19th century, Paris physiologist CE Brown-Sequard calf testicles in a statement that the power of the cell treatment with injectable. Because of the subjective nature of his manhood with the product. In 1920, the Russian ophthalmologist Vladimir Filatov out and Aloe Vera plant embryo cell non-major rejuvenation of chronic illness. Retinitis pigmentosa, his early success with reverse age-related macular degeneration of the retina. Germany has served as the Chief of Staff / Switzerland in 1930, is one of the most famous hospitals, surgery, Endocrinology is a growing interest in NIEHANS. Rejection of foreign proteins are injected into the actions of the first signs of a human body, such as the fetal lamb own natural defense mechanisms NIEHANS.

In 1931, Paul NIEHANS emergency services to be a woman in a changed risk during thyroid surgery parathyroid glands removed. The patient remains in a serious condition and race time, instead of by women NIEHANS provide salt dissolved bull on parathyroid cells, injected required. As soon as it was, in fact, it always has been, and you do not have to live another 30 years, he will continue to play! Kirk, NIEHANS importance of organ and cell therapy for the first successful experience of more than 50,000 times to carry out many of their findings. NIEHANS patients, Charles Chaplin, Robert Cummings, Joan Crawford, Charles de Gaulle, Dwight Eisenhower and Marnie, Winston Churchill, Charles Boyer, Bernard Baruch, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Joseph Kennedy and others. In 1953, Pope Pius XII NIEHANS called on the neck. His cell treatment because of successful results, Pope Pius XII Science NIEHANS the Papal States were invited to become members of the Academy. NIEHANS embryonic mesenchymal cells, cancer research has been conducted on the ability of tissue Matrix allocated. If Mongolizm track used for the treatment of brain cells. Oh, liver cells, the cell used for the treatment of cirrhosis of nature and weak treatment of vitiligo, skin and eyes are used to treat testicular cells injected. More than a thousand scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of cell therapy. He and researchers and cellular material, and you will have a clear understanding of what radio tissue out to be injected.

Cell therapy for preparation:
Embryo freezing North stem cell treatment in Germany, according to the planning and management of the production process, sheep or calf. Each of these drugs should not be prepared for the potential new therapeutic effect. Three, there are 30 different types of drugs. Hard microbiology and biological feasibility test for all training groups to ensure high levels of safety and service, and are carried out by a GMP certified lab. Live cast> 10 million each tissue-specific cells.

Cell Therapy (revival) Anti-aging:
In particular, other functional diagnostic tests for the first time blood, urine, and subject to all patients "hormone levels" "aging" + "creation" measure. About the program and the various organs of the body, Dr. (private) d can help to create the functional status of the current anti-aging treatment. Three will first system recovery software manages the aging rejuvenation of the body. Endocrine system, immune system, and the system detokslamak. Cell preparations for the treatment of infection only provides excellent results. Therefore, cell therapy, intravenous ozone messaging time for each patient, the laser interference in the blood, and high-dose IV vitamin / mineral repair / detoxification treatment will continue for a few days / IV, before the cells of the body of the player. The above-mentioned three-body systems, there is a growing interest in daily activities, libido call to revive the dramatic decrease in better mental focus and concentration, or a reverse premature aging, energy and life and the promotion of healthy skin and reduce wrinkles. Thymus, brain, spleen, liver, kidney, heart, kidney, adrenal gland, the pituitary gland, skin, ovaries or testicles: - the use of stem cells.

Other medical procedures:
Chronic fatigue syndrome, immune deficiency, infertility, diabetes, frozen shoulder pain, migraines, joint pain, depression, light black, aging skin, acne, -menstrual hay fever syndrome, uterine fibrosis, endometriosis, insomnia, pretreatment liver dysfunction, fungal infections, digestive problems, nerve disorders, extreme cold, blood, libido, constipation, gastritis, intestinal trauma and low hormonal imbalances.

Safety and effectiveness:
Stem cell therapy is quite small antijenikli─či; Instant recognized as foreign by the immune system of the recipient and therefore clinical usually does not cause significant toxicity. Donors women and transmission of infectious diseases and infections have been tested to rule out all the preparations; There are no known cases with the use of these drugs. Of cells or fresh frozen and lyophilized preparation, the nature and severe allergic reactions are very rare. This easy antihistamines, steroids and intravenous fluid volume expansion reactions need to be dealt with. Organism-- and new energy and embryonic cells important body organ and xenogeneic out prepared to work with the power to stimulate the development of the entire body, the elderly, and revitalizing tired printed and destroying the viability of the cells .

Long-term benefits:
Settings for each body cells and regeneration policy and aging are provided for therapeutic intervention (ie, increase the Director), the aging process, after the first cell / organ level, or the development of chronic disease, or life, or weight gain or forgetful began a year, or significantly reduce the aging of the cell-based treatment program for foreign or wrinkles, slow, or loss of the shows poor sleep quality, and vice versa, hair loss, or loss of libido, only a year for 40 years, 'extending the "look and feel", but once they complete solution for diseases of aging. Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, ailments, cancer, etc.

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