Monday, January 19, 2015

The Fixed X-ray System Provides Enhanced X-ray Image

The C-arm x-ray equipment to the base name, which is based on radiological and electronic image sensor. This equipment is used in angiography laboratories and fluoroscopy room.

C arm is large arc conducting pipe leakage, since X and the second image sensor punkcie.UrzÄ…dzenie sat around the patient to seek their status capturing images. Although the integrated C-arm devices of different call, Part C-arm.

C-Arm suspended or floor or ceiling grows and can be moved, turned and bent to allow methods degrees of freedom as much as possible. This C-arm range should be strong and stable, and recently moved similarly balanced. Although it manually moved all can usually be controlled automatically. The loads carried by dividing C-Arm, is difficult: X, which produces radiation and image intensifier, which is also a large part of the Ca hand advanced equipment, including a C-Arm SharpEye plane is restored.

X-ray tube and its installation are part of the C-arm, which produces X-radiation. This is part of the high-strength materials in the Internet Services Provider much heat.

Hake is a very important part of the legacy systems. This section is particularly vacuum tubes, and a great entry screen that is sensitive X-ray photons and produce electrons. The electrons are accelerated by the electrostatic field and the tube,, and a little selfish on the screen, change the electron examples timber with little light.

The SharpEye of the C-arm advanced Amendment Hook purpose. It is very small, and their performance apparel advanced electronic systems.

High Voltage Generator peak C-Arm now. The DC voltage source, which encourages X-ray tubes. These high-frequency generators and takes up less space.

Automatic collimation using collimators and aperture makes Divisions C-Arm X-ray dose to the patient and reduced operator. Some of the X-ray C-arm, on and off frequency exposure stage control.

Lab dedicated digital image used in selecting programs. The C-arm this section is to give a lot of diagnostic value of the image.

These fixed X-ray system is designed to make a sophisticated work generated locally or imported radiology, PACS (Picture Archiving and use of system messages).

Sara Roy is a blogger, and is designated as a writer Allengers a prominent manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment. Let this article did the author describe a sophisticated system of fixed radiology,.